If you need a social media or review site page for your business, you can go to each of the websites and create a new page, account, or more on behalf of your company. Here are a list of links leading to each network to connect them:



As long as you have a personal Facebook account, you can create your own business page! Simply go to their Create a Page link and choose the right category for you. 

If you're a place that customers visit or a business that covers a specific region, chose "Local Business or Place." If you need to create a page for an entire brand presence or corporate, choose "Company, Organization or Institution."

Create a Facebook Page

If you'll be managing a number of pages or you have multiple locations, check out creating a Business Manager account. 


You can create a new Twitter account by going to their signup page and going through the steps.  

Create a Twitter Page


Have one business you're managing on Google? Perfect! Simply go to their Google My Business page and find your location.

Create Single Google My Business Page

Hint: if you're creating or claiming multiple pages, you can check out their tools for bulk management.


Yelp will first let you attempt to claim your page. Only if you can't locate a pre-existing page for your business will it ask you to create one. 

Claim Yelp Page


To create a LinkedIn page, you must have your company email address connected to your LinkedIn account before going through these steps.

Create LinkedIn Business Page


With Instagram, you can create your profile online but you can't post new images on desktop devices. With your Facebook page already created, look into linking Facebook and Instagram for more exposure. 

Create Instagram Page