Most Rallio accounts are comprised of two basic levels: The Hub level, where the Hub Admins have overall access to a group of locations, as well as the Profile level, which provides a micro view of a single location.


  • Basic Hub Accounts
  • Multi-Tiered Hub Accounts
  • Making Changes to Hubs and Profiles

Basic Hub Accounts

A basic Rallio account is comprised of one Hub level and one Profile level, which looks something like this for our example company, Bean Me Up:

Essentially, the Bean Me Up Master Hub houses the individual Bean Me Up locations that live on the Profile level.

Multi-Tiered Hub Accounts

Depending on the size and structure of your company, Hubs can be multi-tiered and have other Hubs below and above it. If Bean Me Up were a larger company, they could have a Hub structure set up as follows:

These Hubs can continue to tier infinitely and can be constructed however your company sees fit. For example, we could continue to add in more levels by adding in individual state Hubs within the West Coast and East Coast Hubs.

Making Changes to Hubs and Profiles

Profile business information (phone number, address, website, etc.) can be changed through the profile settings. Adding or deleting Profiles can be done by contacting our support team.

If you’d like to add, delete or make any changes to your Hubs in Rallio, please contact our support team.