As a Rallio user, you may have access to multiple profiles and Hubs. In this article, we’ll explore a few account navigation best practices for profile admins and hub admins/owners.


  • Navigation for Profile Admins
  • Navigation for Hub Owners or Admins

Navigation for Profile Admins

If you manage multiple profiles, moving between them as a Profile Admin can be done through the Location Switcher. Located in the upper right-hand corner, the Location Switcher will always display the name of the Profile that you are currently working in. To switch profiles:

You’ll notice the name displayed in the Location Switcher will change to the current Profile, making it easy to always know where you are in your account.

Navigation for Hub Admins or Owners

If you're a Hub Admin or Owner, your Rallio account has two basic levels: The Hublevel, where you'll make your corporate content and have overall access to your profiles; as well as the Profile level, where you can see more in-depth analytics and get a micro-view of a specific profile. There are two different ways to navigate between these two views:

From the Hub Analytics

The Hub Analytics will default to list all of the profiles under your Hub. To access any one of your profiles, just click the profile name in the Analytics table.

Pro Tip: If you are a business with multiple Hub levels and you’d like to view a Child Hub, this process will vary slightly. From the All Locations dropdown menu, select All Hubs to display all hubs one level below. Then, click the desired Hub’s name in the analytics table to drop down one level into that Hub. Repeat as needed.

From the Location Switcher

As a Hub Admin or Owner, you can also use the Location Switcher to navigate between levels.

When the page reloads, the Hub or Profile name displayed in the Location Switcher will change to indicate your current location.

Getting back to the Hub level

To get back to the Hub level from a profile, click the Location Switcher and then Home.