To help you stay up to date, Rallio sends out email notifications informing you of the latest activity happening in your account.

Email Notifications for Hub Admins and Owners

If you are a Hub Admin or Owner, you’ll be alerted to the following activity:

  • Social Profile Disconnections
  • New Reviews
  • New Profile-generated content awaiting your approval
  • Failed Facebook Boosts

Email Notifications for Profile Admins

As a Profile Admin, your email notifications are slightly different:

  • Social profile disconnections
  • New reviews
  • Approval status on any content sent to corporate for review
  • Content reminders for when your queue is running low or empty
  • Failed Facebook Boosts

Enabling Review Notifications

Review alerts can be managed within your Rallio account. To customize the alerts you receive by star-rating, click on your User Profile and select Notification Settings from the menu.

Enabling Other Notifications

To enable or disable all other email notifications, please contact our support team.