Depending on your organization’s social media policy, you may need to alter what actions Profile Admins can take. This is where permissions come in handy. As a Hub Admin or Owner, you can give profile admins permissions based on how you’d like them to contribute to their account.


  • Types of Permissions
  • How to Set Permissions for Profiles
  • Common Questions

Types of Permissions

Auto-Approval and Auto-Posting

One of the most important permissions, this first set of rules determines how Hub-generated content is approved for posting once you’ve scheduled it using Rallio’s manual or auto-scheduler.

Do your profile admins need to have final approval over what content is posted to their social networks? Or, as the Hub Admin or Owner, will you be managing the content schedule for them? You’ll want to select these permissions according to your content management goals.

There are three possible combinations:

Note: If Auto Approve is turned on, Auto Post will also turn on. These two need to go hand-in-hand, otherwise, your content will just sit in Rallio, approved with nowhere to go. We don’t want your posts getting lost in the abyss!

Turn On/Off Individual Profile Editing Abilities of Corporate Content

With this permission, you can control whether Profile admins have the ability to edit your Hub-generated content.

Turn On/Off Corporate Required Approval of Individual Profile-Generated Content

Allows you to require Hub approval on any content generated by profile admins before they have the ability to schedule the post.

For a full explanation of this process, check out our guide for approving Profile-generated content.

Turn On/Off Each Individual Profiles’ Ability to Respond to Their Inbox

Select which profiles have the ability to respond to items in their inbox.

In the world of social media, it’s important to show you’re listening to your customers. Responding to both negative and positive comments across your social networks is a crucial piece of customer service and even brand reputation. It’s important to show you’re listening, and even more important to handle each interaction quickly and professionally.

Turn On/Off Individual Profiles’ Ability to Respond to Reviews

Identical to the inbox response permission above, you can also select which profiles have the ability to respond to incoming reviews.

Auto-Approve Content Copied to Child Hubs

If you manage a Rallio account with multiple Hub tiers, you’ll need to decide how content flows through each level of hubs. Do you want content to stop in the Hub database below you for that Hub admin to approve? Or do you need posts to keep moving down through your account automatically?

Turning this permission on will ensure that your content is automatically approved in the Child hubs directly below your primary access level. If it’s turned off, posts will stop at each level for approval.

How to Set Permissions

Profile permissions can be set by any Hub admin or owner; however, they must be set from the Hub(s) directly above your profiles. For example, if you are a Hub Owner who manages a four-tiered account (three Hub levels and one Profile level), you’ll have to open each Hub in the third tier of your account to set the profile permissions.

To select profile permissions:

Common Questions

Can I manage the permissions for all hubs and profiles from my Master Hub?

Currently, permissions can only be set in the Hub directly above your profiles. We do hope to expand this functionality to Master Hubs in the future!

Can I customize permissions per user?

No, though we do have plans to change this down the road.