The User Profile, located in Settings at the Profile level, allows you to manage your business location information and adjust your post preferences if you are receiving content from Rallio.


  • Business Profile Components
  • Content Preferences

Business Profile Components

Your Business Profile is comprised of your location information such as address, phone number, website and preferred posting time zone.

Pro Tip: To update any of this information, adjust the respective field and click Save at the bottom to make sure your changes are kept.

Personalization Tags and Custom Fields

It’s important to keep your business profile up to date. When a personalization tag is used in a piece of content, Rallio will find the applicable data through these fields and insert it into the post.

In addition to the standard business information, you also have access to four custom field options. Utilizing custom fields allows your company to create extra personalization tags unique to your business.

Content Preferences

If you’re receiving content from the Rallio writing team, you’ll also have the ability to set your content vertical and tone.

Choosing a Content Vertical

The Vertical and Sub-Vertical options control the category of the content you receive. Most Verticals have multiple categories beneath them, or Sub-Verticals, to choose from for your business.

In this example, we have Medical as our main business Vertical, with General Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry set as our Sub-Verticals. From here, we can control how much of our content will be specific to cosmetic dentistry versus general dentist information.

Selecting Tone

You will also have access to adjust the tone of your content. Altering these sliders will change the mood and nature of your posts.