Have an awesome annual sale that goes on only during specific times? How about annual events that seem to have reoccurring content? Have some content that needs to go out in the future but can only go out during a specific time? Too many questions? Well, now we have an awesome feature just for you!

So where can you find this nifty little helper? This feature will be available in the Admin section of the Hub owner while creating content! Before it was auto-scheduled packages that could only see this feature but now you can specify a date range for manual and syndicated packages. When a manual package has a date range, the package can only be scheduled within dates in that range. So for example, if you selected only Aug 25 - 30 as the range, then only those dates will show up when you go to schedule it!

What about the end users? Well you will be seeing a lot of changes as well! First off, when content has an expiration date you will see in your database as expiring soon!

Here you can see that the scheduling time is set from between 8/25/17-8/31/17. When you try and schedule this out end users will be greeted with only being able to select those dates! This ensures that content is only available during those times. What happens if it is expired?

Here you see that the content is grayed out and stating that "this is an expired manually-scheduled only post." Users will still be able to interact with this by clicking the magnifying glass symbol showing the following:

One last thing is if a package's start date is too far in the future (> 2 months) then you will not be able to schedule it with a hover explaining the start date is too far in the future. This will allow users to know that content will be available in the future but also allow hub managers to schedule content out for future dates!