We are excited to announce the launch of our new add location button! Instead of having to email Customer Success (even though I will miss your emails) you can now add a location from the comfort of your own desk!

As you can see, it is nestled in the same location as the connection grid with a shiny new Add Location button in the right corner. So what exactly does this do? Great question! 

This will add a new location to the current hub you are in! Let's look at an example of what that means!

So as you can see from the example above we start off on the main Franchise page! From here we will have to make the decision of which hub will be getting the new location! In the example we have Bean Me Up NorCal or Bean Me Up SoCal! After selecting the correct hub, we go back to the settings>Locations Tab! Now we are all ready to add our new location!

From here you will be created with a Business profile creation page! Fill out all the information regarding the location and you will move on to a social media connection page! Here you will have a chance to connect all the social media pages you need to connect!

What if I do not have any hubs?

No worries! You can still add a location! Instead of selecting a hub, you would just head straight to the add location button found in the settings>Locations tab! Click add a new location and you are well on your way! If you need any help, feel free to message us through the chat bubble on the right-hand side!