Managing multiple locations and wondering if there social media profiles are connected? Not sure if a single location has its facebook, twitter yelp or google page connect? Well we have just the feature for you! Introducing the connection grid!

So wait, what does it do? The connection grid is where you can see each of your locations social media connections and if they are connected to the system or not. Lets take a closer look!

The top bar has each one of the social media channels we support and two numbers. The top number represents how many pages from each of the social media channels you have connected to our system. The bottom number represents how many connections you can have in total. For example: The facebook account has 5 pages connected out of a total of 7. This means that 2 facebook accounts are not connected. How do you find our which ones?

Here you will see each location on the left and some useful buttons on the right. Currently when an account is connected you will see a green button! When no location has been connected you will see a grey button and if a location needs to be updated, it will be displayed in red! Continuing from the example we see that Bean Me Up- San Diego and Newport Beach 2 are not connected to Facebook. How do we fix that?

Simply click the locations name and it will take you to the connection page! It is really that simple! Now that you have learned the in's and out's of the connection grid, go check your connections and spend less time worrying about pages and more time on the content that goes out to them!