Depending on the posting permissions your Hub admins have chosen, you may be required to submit your content for approval before having the ability to post it. In this article, we’ll learn more about the Hub content approval process and how to manage your posts.

Note: This article applies only to profiles that are part of a Hub structure.


  • Sending Content for Approval
  • Scheduling Approved Content
  • Editing Rejected Content
  • Reviewing Feedback on Content

Sending Content for Approval

If your Hub admins require approval on posts created within your profile, you’ll have two options when creating content: save to your database or send for approval. Once you’ve created your post, click Send for Approval to deliver it to your Hub admins for review.

Upon sending for approval, your post will be automatically saved to your database and marked Pending Approval. You can monitor your post’s approval status at any time from your database. You’ll also receive an email alert once your content has been reviewed by a Hub admin.

Scheduling Approved Content

If your post was approved by a Hub admin, you’ll be able to schedule the post from the Status column of your Database.

Editing Rejected Content

If your post was rejected by a Hub Admin, you’ll have the ability to Edit your content.

Your revised post will be re-sent to your Hub admins for review.

Reviewing Feedback on Content

In the review process, Hub admins have the ability to provide feedback on your content. The Comments column will show the number of internal comments that have been left on the post. Clicking View will open the post preview and display any comments left by Hub admins.

Have a question or need to communicate with your Hub Admin regarding a certain post? You can also utilize the Comments section to provide insight or ask for clarification from your Hub admins. Just click in the Add Comment text box, enter your note and click Post Comment to have your feedback sent to an administrator.