As the admin or owner of your Hub(s), you’ve reviewed the profile permissions and decided that you’d like to require your approval on any profile-generated content. Now, what’s next? In this article, we’ll show you how to review and provide feedback on profile-generated posts.

Reviewing Posts Created by Profile Admins

When the profile post approval permission is turned on, profile admins will have two options when creating content: save the post to their database or send to you for approval. Once they’ve selected to send a post to you for approval, you’ll receive an email notification linking you directly to the Approve Posts feed in your Hub Queue.

The Approve Post feed, housing all posts awaiting your approval in chronological order based on the date sent by the Profile Admin, is where you’ll be able to approve, reject or comment on profile content.

Approving or Rejecting Content

Click Approve to approve the content for posting. Once you’ve approved a post, the option to schedule or post content immediately will be unlocked for profile admins.

Alternatively, you can click Reject to deny a Profile Admin posting privileges. When a post is rejected, profile admins will have the option to edit and re-send their post to you for approval.

Commenting on Content

If you’d like to add feedback to a post, just type or enter your comments in the text box below the main post and click Post Comment. The profile admin will be notified of your feedback and will be able to communicate with you further by commenting back on the post from their database.

Understanding the Hub Content Approval Process as a Hub Admin or Owner