Websites look for tags on the page to tell it which image to pull when sharing a link. Facebook does something similar for how it selects the image of the article in question when there are many images on the page. The submitter sometimes has no control over what image is used, it is up to the web site developer to do it. However, there is a workaround for this allowing you to choose the photo you'd like to post with your link. 

Here's how: 

First, before you create your post in Rallio, you can check to see which image facebook will post with the link you'd like to share. To do this:

1. Go to:  Facebook Debugger

2. Paste your link's URL into the 'Sharing Debugger' text box and click 'Debug'.

3. Scroll down to 'Link Preview'. This will show you which picture facebook will pull when you post the link you'd like to share. 

4. If it shows the picture you want, SUCCESS! Go ahead and post the link via Rallio just as you normally would. Facebook will share the link and the photo exactly as it's shown.

If this is NOT the picture you want with your link, we have a solution! Follow these simple steps to post your link with a desired picture:

1. First, save the photo you'd like to use to your computer.

2. Head to your Rallio desktop and click 'Create Post' as you normally would. Add your link URL to the text body and click 'No Thumbnail'.

3. Next, click 'Add Image' at the top right and select the image you want to appear with your link.

4. Once you have added the desired image and included your link, you can schedule out your content accordingly.

And that’s it! Got questions? Reach out to