With the rise of imagery in social media, sharing awesome visuals speaks volumes about your business and helps you stand out in a sea of content. To help you leverage the power of visual social media, you’ll be able to access approved graphics directly from Brand Photos.

Note: This feature is not available to single business profiles.


  • Understanding Brand Photos
  • Using Brand Photos in Content
  • Downloading Brand Photos

Understanding Brand Photos

Accessible through the profile database, Brand Photos houses any images that have been approved and provided to you by your managing Hub admins or owners. As a Profile Admin, you can search your files, use photos in posts and download them directly to your desktop.

Using Brand Photos in Content

To use an image in a new post, locate the image in Brand Photos and click Use. The image will open in the Create Post window, where you can add text and schedule the post.

Downloading Brand Photos

To download an image to your desktop, locate the image in Brand Photos and click Download.