Understanding Permissions as a Profile Admin

If your Profile is part of a larger Hub structure — such as a franchise or other multi-location brand — the Hub admins and owners that manage your account can extend certain functionalities to Profile admins through the use of permissions. Let’s dive in and explore a few common questions about permissions and how they might impact your account.

What are permissions?

Permissions are controls that allow Hub admins and owners to determine what Profile admins can and can’t manage in Rallio. Because permissions are selected by profile, all admins for a single profile will have the same capabilities as each other.

What are my options for managing corporate content?

Content permissions allow Hub admins and owners to regulate your ability to manage any Hub content that they provide for your profile. These settings are broken down into three categories:

  • Auto-Approval. Hub content will be automatically approved for posting once it enters your profile’s queue. If auto-approval is enabled for your profile, you won’t be able to cancel or delete Hub posts.
  • Auto-Post. Similar to auto-approval, Hub content will be auto-approved when it’s added to your queue, but you’ll retain the ability to cancel or delete the content prior to posting.
  • Editing Hub Content. Allows Hub admins to lock their content from being edited. You’ll be able to edit Hub posts by clicking in the text box if this permission is disabled for your profile.
  • Deleting Hub Content. Determines if you’ll have the ability to remove Hub posts from your queue. You’ll see the X icon in the upper right-hand corner of the post preview if you have this option available.

In my Create Post window, what does “Send for Approval” mean?

Hub admins and owners can choose to require approval on content before you’re able to schedule and post. With the Send for Approval button, you can easily push new content to your organization’s social media management team for approval. You’ll be notified by email once your content has been reviewed.