After you’ve created content and set your delivery parameters using Rallio’s manual post scheduler, you can manage your scheduled posts from the Hub Queue. If you’ve decided to require approval on profile-generated content, you can also use this section to monitor and review posts created by your Profile admins.

Managing Content in the Hub Queue

As a Hub Admin or Owner, you can cancel manually scheduled content by individual profile or in bulk any time before the post’s set delivery date and time. To cancel a post in bulk, click the X that appears on the top right of the post. To cancel by individual profile, use the X that appears in that location's row.

Approve Profile-Generated Posts

The Hub Queue is also home to the Approve Posts tab. Tied to one of Rallio’s profile posting permissions, you’ll be able to review content submitted by your profile admins and approve it for scheduling.

Common Questions

Can I edit a post from the Queue?

No. Content that needs to be updated must be deleted from the Hub Queue, edited in the Hub database and then rescheduled.

Can I change the delivery date and time for a post?

Not yet, though we do hope to offer this feature in the future!