Once you’ve created a post in your Hub Database, you can choose to schedule it using Rallio’s manual or automatic post scheduler. The automatic post scheduler offers Hub admins and owners a hands-free way of posting daily content. Simply set your delivery criteria, and our system will automatically schedule your content across your profiles.

We recommend using the automatic scheduler for general posts that can be posted anytime in the future, or for seasonal/promotional posts, such as spring-themed content, New Year’s Day celebrations or a January savings promotion.

Note: This feature requires Hub-level access.


  • How the Automatic Scheduler Works
  • Using the Automatic Post Scheduler
  • Post Delivery Criteria
  • Common Questions

How the Automatic Scheduler Works

The manual post scheduler in Rallio schedules content out to your profiles at the date and time you choose. With the auto-scheduler, posts are sent automatically to specific profiles as they meet your delivery criteria.

You’ll create your post and set your delivery criteria, and we’ll determine which profiles should receive your content and when. When posts are saved to the auto-scheduler, they’re entered into a bank of approved posts. Rallio will then randomly schedule one approved post per day, per eligible profile at 8 a.m. local time.

Take this example. Let’s say it’s tax season and you’d like to schedule tax-related content to the 10 profiles that you manage. So, you create 15 posts that you schedule using Rallio’s auto-scheduler. Rallio will randomly schedule those posts across your profiles, ensuring that each profile queue has one post per day for the next 15 days.

Using the Automatic Post Scheduler

The automatic post scheduler is accessible through the Add/Edit Content screen in the Hub Database. To initiate the auto-schedule for new posts:

Important Note: Make sure to triple check your post for any final edits or errors before the auto-schedule is initiated. You won’t easily be able to make changes to your content once it’s sent to the auto-schedule queue.

Do you receive content from the Rallio writing team? To simplify the review and approval process, posts provided by our writers typically have the auto-schedule pre-selected.

Scheduling versus Approving Content

Scheduling content does not always equal approving content for posting. Profile posting permissions determine how content is approved after being scheduled by a Hub Admin or Owner. If you don’t have auto-post or auto-approval turned on for your profiles and child hubs, your post won’t be automatically approved for posting when you schedule it from your Hub.

Post Delivery Criteria

When using the auto-scheduler, your content is eligible for posting on all profiles at any time in the future. You’ll have the option to control profile eligibility by setting delivery criteria:

  • Location selector allows you to select which profile queues you’d like the post to be scheduled to, based on account lists

  • Hub selector allows you to select which of the hubs you manage are eligible to receive the post

  • Delivery date range is where you’ll set the posting date or date range and choose whether the posts repeats every year

Pro tip: The automatic scheduler is perfect for scheduling recurring seasonal posts, such as holiday content! Just set the date range and check the repeats annually box; the post will be automatically scheduled every year.

Common Questions

Why does the auto-scheduler post content in a random order?

The auto-scheduler was designed to provide Hub admins and owners a quick, easy way to offer custom content calendars to their profiles. Posts are scheduled in a random order to ensure that all profiles aren’t receiving the exact same post at the same date and time. As a general rule, the more posts you have approved in the auto-schedule queue, the greater variation you’ll see in the profile queues.

Can I edit or delete a post once the auto-schedule has been initiated?

At this time, scheduled content cannot be directly edited, but it can be removed from all child hubs and queues and rescheduled. Delete all scheduled posts from your Hub Database, then edit the post and reschedule.

Can I delete a post once it’s been posted to my social media platforms?

Absolutely! From your Hub Database, you can delete published content from Facebook and Twitter. Any posts published to LinkedIn will need to be deleted on the social network directly.