As a Hub Owner, you can manage and review posts you’ve chosen to receive from Rallio directly within your Hub Dashboard. This article will teach you how to select the type of content you’ll receive, as well as how to review and approve content for posting.


  • Setting Your Content Vertical
  • Reviewing and Approving Content

Setting Your Content Vertical

If you’ve opted to receive general content from Rallio, you can manage the type of content you’ll receive by choosing specific content verticals. First, select your Main Business Vertical from the dropdown to determine the overarching content theme.

Next, select sub-verticals to determine which specific categories within the main vertical you’d like to pull content from. Multiple sub-verticals can also be selected; just use the sliders to set how much of each category you’d like to see represented in your content. The content breakout will adjust automatically as you move the sliders around. Use the lock feature to set any of the categories chosen at a specific percentage.

Reviewing and Approving Content

Once you’ve set the type of content you’ll be receiving, you’ll be able to review the posts from your Hub Database. To ensure that your Profile queues are always full of posts, content provided by the Rallio team is pre-saved to the auto-scheduler. To review posts: