Ready to start writing posts and connecting with your customers? Awesome! As a Rallio Hub Admin or Owner, you can create content from your Hub database. From sharing a relevant blog post to announcing a sale or celebrating a milestone for your business, your post can be about anything you’d like to share with your customers.


  • Creating a New Post
  • Adding Content to Additional Networks
  • Additional Content Creation Options
  • Common Questions

Creating a New Post

Within your Hub database, you’ll be able to create and customize content for posting to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Insert Link: To add a link and generate a link preview, click Insert Link, type or paste in your link, and click Verify & Add.

  • Add Photo: To add a photo, click Add Photo. You can post as many images as you'd like to Facebook and up to four upload images on Twitter. Select files directly from your desktop or browse your Hub Photo Library. GIFs under 3MB can also be published to Twitter.

  • Add Coupon: To add a coupon, click Add Coupon. Locate your offer in the list and select Use. This will generate a link preview for the offer.

  • Create Personalized Version: Quickly customize your post for all of your profiles using personalization tags.

Adding Content to Additional Networks

Once you’ve created your post, you can then add the content to additional social networks and edit as needed.

Additional Content Creation Options

After you’ve crafted your new post, you’ll have access to a few more content options:

  • Save Draft, Copy or Delete Package gives you the ability to save a draft of your post without approving it, making a carbon copy of all post details, or deleting it from your Hub Database entirely.

  • Tags can be applied to posts to help you organize your content in the Hub Database.

  • Who can schedule this content allows you to choose if you’d like to use the manual post scheduler or save your post using the auto-scheduler.

  • Approve & Save to Database will mark your post as approved and save it to your Hub Database. The post will not be provided to your profiles until you schedule it.

  • Approve & Schedule will mark your post as approved and trigger the scheduling option you selected. The post will be provided to the applicable profiles at this time.

    From Here you will be greeted with 3 options:

    All Locations:

    This option allows all locations under your hub to receive content.

    Corporate Only: 

Only your corporate Location will receive this content.

Choose Locations:

    This is where you can choose your lists, hubs or separate locations! 

    Finally you will decide wether to Schedule the Post or Post Now

When scheduling the post, please pick the correct time and date you wish for the item to go out! If you have different permissions set at your hub levels, but need an article to go out right away, click the override posting permissions button! 

If you just need the post to go out ASAP, click the post now button and you are all set! 

Common Questions

Can I tag with Rallio?

By using the @ function in the content box, you can mention people on Twitter. Unfortunately, due to network restrictions, tagging isn’t possible on the other social platforms yet.

Can I customize images for my link previews?

Link preview images are pulled directly from the link provided. To post a desired photo with your link on Facebook click here.

I can’t get the link preview to generate. What can I do?

In order to generate a link preview, links must be entered into your post using the Insert Link button. First, delete the link from the main content box. Then try re-adding it by clicking Insert Link, pasting your link into the field and clicking Verify & Add.

Can I post videos?

YES YOU CAN! For more information on video posting go ahead and click right here