Whether you manage a profile that’s a part of a larger Hub structure or a single business account, the Profile queue is the place to be for content management. The queue is your full content calendar where you’ll be able to view, edit and manage your local posts directly alongside any content provided to you by your managing hubs or by Rallio’s writing team.


  • Approving, Cancelling and Deleting Posts in the Queue
  • Editing Posts in the Queue
  • Common Questions

Approving, Cancelling and Deleting Posts in the Queue

Depending on the permissions set by Hub admins or owners, profile admins may have the ability to approve, cancel or delete posts from the profile queue.

Approving Posts

Any content that requires approval by a profile admin will be marked with an exclamation point. If posts are not approved by their scheduled date and time, they will not be posted to any social networks. Instead, they will enter into a recycled post database and will be recommended for posting again in 60 days. To approve a post:

Approved content will be marked with a circle in the profile queue. These posts will go out to the selected social networks at the time and date indicated.

Pro Tip: If your profile receives content from Rallio’s writing team, you’ll need to approve each post to ensure delivery to your social networks. Content that is left unapproved will not be posted.

Cancelling an Approved Post

To cancel an approved post, just click Cancel. This will mark the post as unapproved so that it is not posted at the date and time scheduled, but it will not delete the post from your queue.

Deleting Posts

To delete a post entirely from your profile queue, click the X icon in the upper right-hand corner of the queue.

Editing Posts in the Queue

Profile admins also have the ability to edit scheduled content directly from the Profile queue. As with the post approval process, these features can be controlled at the Hub level through the use of permissions.

  • Update post text by clicking into the post text box. Just type or paste your content and click Save Changes to save the edited content.

  • Change the scheduled date and time of a post by selecting the updated date and/or time from the applicable dropdown menus. Changes will be saved automatically.

  • Select which social networks are eligible to receive a post. Click the social network tab you’d like to update, then click to check or uncheck the Include This Platform box

  • Choose whether to personalize a post by selecting Personalize It

  • Schedule a Facebook boost with your post by clicking Boost

Common Questions

I see posts scheduled for specific times. Will my content be posted at those times in my local timezone?

Content in Rallio is scheduled and posted by the time zone set in each individual profile’s settings.

Why can’t I edit content provided by my managing hub(s)?

Through the use of permissions, Hub admins and owners have the ability to lock down certain functions for the profiles they oversee. If you aren’t able to approve, cancel, delete or edit content provided to you by your corporate Hub, it’s most likely due to these permissions.