When using Rallio’s manual post scheduler, you can edit and delete scheduled content before it’s posted to your social profiles.


  • Deleting Manually Scheduled Content
  • Editing Manually Scheduled Content
  • Common Questions

Deleting Manually Scheduled Content

You can remove manually scheduled content from the profile queues prior to the set delivery date and time. Scheduled content can be cancelled by individual profile or in bulk; just navigate to the Hub Queue and locate your scheduled post.

  • Remove the post from individual profile queues by clicking the X icon to the right of the profile name

  • Delete a post from all profile queues by clicking the X icon above the post preview in the upper right-hand corner

Deleting content from the Hub Queue will only remove that post from the profile queues it was scheduled to. You’ll still have a record of the post in your Hub database and any child hubs it was copied down to.

Editing Manually Scheduled Content

Manually scheduled posts can also be edited anytime before the set delivery date and time. Before you make any changes to the post in the database, you’ll first have to remove it from the queues following the steps above. Once the unedited version of the post has been deleted from the queues:

Pro Tip: Always make sure to delete content from the Hub Queue before making any edits in the database. Changes made to scheduled posts from the database will not propagate through your account to the post in the queues.

Common Questions

I made changes to a scheduled post from the database, but they aren’t reflected in that same post in the Hub Queue. Why not?

When you schedule content in Rallio, the post travels down through your account to the hubs and profiles that you manage. Based on posting permissions, the admins at each of these levels have the ability to edit the posts and make them their own. If additional edits are pushed down from your account, the posts created by the admins you manage would be replaced and would cause disruption throughout the account.

Best rule of thumb: Edit your content as much as you need initially, then schedule it and turn it over to the lower parties in your account to manage based on the permissions you’ve granted them.

Can I edit or delete a post once it’s been posted to my social media platforms?

Absolutely! From your Hub Database, you can delete published content from Facebook and Twitter. Any posts published to LinkedIn will need to be deleted on the social network directly.