Now that you’ve created a post in your Hub database, you’re ready to get it scheduled! The manual post scheduler is the more widely used posting option available in Rallio. It should be used when you’d like to post your content immediately or schedule it out for a specific date and time.

Note: This feature requires Hub-level access.


  • Using the Manual Post Scheduler
  • Manual Scheduling Options

Using the Manual Post Scheduler

The manual post scheduler is available from two locations in the Hub Database. You can manually schedule new content from the Add/Edit Content screen and existing content from the content library.

Creating New Content

After you’ve scheduled your post out manually, it will be logged in your Hub queue along with the Profile queues you selected in the steps above.

Scheduling Existing Content

You can also use the manual scheduler for content saved in the database. As long as the content was previously saved as a manual post and it has been approved, the post can be scheduled by clicking the magnifying glass and then Schedule.

Scheduling versus Approving Content

Scheduling content does not always equal approving content for posting. Profile posting permissions determine how content is approved after being scheduled by a Hub Admin or Owner. If you don’t have auto-post or auto-approval turned on for your profiles and child hubs, your post won’t be automatically approved for posting when you schedule it from your Hub.

Manual Scheduling Options

When manually scheduling content, you have the option to set the following delivery parameters:

  • Location Selector allows you to select which profile queues you’d like the post to be scheduled to. You can choose all profiles, the corporate or main brand profile only, or select specific locations by hub, by account list or individually from the Profile dropdown.
  • Delivery time and date is where you’ll choose the posting time and day.
  • Override Posting Permissions will override any post approval permissions that you have set for each profile and automatically approve the content for posting
  • Boost gives you the ability to add a Facebook boost to your content
  • Schedule will add the post to the selected Profile queues at the date and time specified
  • Post Now sends the content out to the chosen profiles immediately

By selecting the Post Now option, your content will bypass the profile queues completely so that it can be posted to the social media platforms immediately. Selecting this option will automatically approve content and override any Profile posting permissions.