Working with Personalization Tags

Rallio personalization tags correspond to field data in your profile’s business settings and are used to include profile-specific content in your posts. As a Hub Admin or Owner, you can use personalization tags to customize general corporate content into localized posts across your profiles. Each time you post content that uses personalization tags, Rallio will pull the most recent data from your profile’s business settings to replace the tag.


  • Managing Personalization Tag Data
  • Creating a Personalized Post
  • Managing Personalized Content as a Profile Admin

Managing Personalization Tag Data

As part of the content creation process, Hub admins and owners can choose to insert personalization tags into their posts. These tags are placeholders for data that is pulled from each individual profile’s business settings. Here’s a quick breakdown of the tags currently available:

  • [manager] is the Person to Reach field
  • [address] corresponds to the profile’s Address/Street
  • [phone] refers to the Phone Number field
  • [url] will pull from Website URL

In addition to our standard tags, there are also five custom fields in each profile’s settings. These fields can be customized to pull in additional data such as local hashtags, store-specific email signup forms or location hours.

  • [job_page_url] will bring in data from Job Page URL
  • [custom_field_1] through [custom_field_4] are Custom Field 1, 2, 3, and 4

To ensure that the correct data is pulled into your content, it’s important to keep each profile’s business settings up-to-date. To enter or edit the data in each field, you’ll need to jump down into each profile. If you manage a large number of profiles, please request an export of your account data from our support team.

Creating a Personalized Post

When you choose a tag to add to your post, it initially looks like a snippet of text. After you send your post, Rallio replaces that text with the dynamic content the tag refers to, such as Profile phone number or street address. To create a personalized post:

Pro Tip: Make sure to create a general version of your post! If the field data for your tag is missing in business settings or if a Profile Admin chooses not to use your personalized post, Rallio will automatically switch the custom post back to the generic version.

Managing Personalized Content as a Profile Admin

Whether you’re receiving content from Rallio’s writing team or your profile(s) are apart of a larger Hub structure, you can view and manage personalized content from your Profile queue.

By default, the personalized version of the post will be displayed in your queue. Clicking the Personalize It check box will switch the post to a generic version and remove all data pulled from your business settings. To add the personal content back, just re-select the check box.

Note: If you do not have permission to edit corporate content provided by your Parent Hub, you will not have this ability to change personalized posts.