Using tags in Rallio is an easy way to organize and keep track of certain posts and/or photos in your database. This article shows you how to add and utilize tags as a Hub and Profile user.


  • Adding tags to posts in a Hub
  • Adding tags to photos in a Hub
  • Adding tags to posts in a Profile
  • Searching content by tag

Adding Tags to Posts in a Hub

As an Owner or Hub Admin, you can add tags manually through the Add/Edit Contentsection of your database. Open a post to add tags:

Adding Tags to Photos in a Hub

Tags can also be applied to digital assets stored in Rallio. Once a file has been uploaded to Rallio, Hub Admins and Owners can add tags directly from the photo library:

Alternatively, tags can also be added during the content creation process. Once you’ve selected a photo from your desktop and clicked Upload, a settings panel will appear where you can click into the text field and enter your tag(s):Adding Tags to Posts in a Profile

At the Profile level, tags can only be applied to posts created in that account. Profile admins can add tags to content in the Create Post window:

Searching Content by Tag

The Hub and Profile databases are both searchable by tag. Simply click the search box and enter the tag into the field to find all matching content. Owners and Admins can also use the database filter to find posts matching specific tags.