So you’ve gone through, created your content and sent it out to your social networks. You probably have tons of questions: What are people commenting on my posts? Are people liking my content? Has my page received any messages lately? Well, we’re glad you asked, because the Activity Feed is here to provide answers!

If you are a Hub Admin, check out our Hub Activity Feed guide to learn more.

The Activity Feed shows all pieces of interaction that are present on your profiles connected into Rallio. From here, you can filter and sort by different types of interaction or platform to really drill down and get the specific data that you’re after.

There are four sections in the Activity Feed: Inbox, Outbox, Sandbox, and Reviews.


The Inbox manages all incoming activity, with the exception of reviews. Someone commented on a page? That'll be here. Just got a @mention on Twitter? Check. Someone liked a post that just went out? You'll find that here, too. Essentially, the Inbox will be your go-to for monitoring and responding to incoming social activity.


The Outbox displays all outgoing activity for your profile. Anytime you post, message or comment on behalf of your business, it gets logged in the Outbox. This allows you to easily monitor the interactions and content going out for your social profiles.


If your profile is a part of of a hub structure, you will also have access to the Sandbox. It works like the Outbox in the sense that it will show outgoing content, but instead of displaying all content, it will only include what's being created by your fellow profile admins. For example, if your company has 30 locations, and 10 profile admins have access to Rallio, the Sandbox will show youonly what the 10 profile admins have been creating for their pages (and not any content made by the company administrators).


The Reviews tab provides a dashboard in which all Facebook, Google and Yelp reviews can be managed. Here you can filter, view and respond to reviews that have been left on your social platforms. By having the ability to sort by star rating or by response, you can quickly see which reviews need immediate attention and streamline review maintenance.