Have you connected your ad account and are ready to rock? Excellent! You’ll now be able to check boost settings for all of your profiles and start boosting content. You can boost a post for any amount you wish right from your content library.

If you’re a profile admin, we’ve created a special page just for you.


  • Boost Settings
  • Editing Boost Settings Per Profile
  • Creating a Boosted Post
  • Common Questions

Boost Settings

Once your ad account is connected, you’ll notice a new tab available in your hub. This is the boost settings tab, which houses the targeting options for each of your profiles. Here’s a quick breakdown of each:

  • Target Audience allows you to zero in on the Facebook users most relevant to your business. You can target users based on their age, gender, ZIP code, and location radius.
  • Connections helps you control whether your ad is shown to Facebook users who already have a connection with your profile.
  • Potential Reach will show you the number of monthly active people on Facebook who match the target audience you’ve defined.

Filtering the Boost Settings Tab

Do you manage lots of profiles? Not to worry! You can quickly filter the table by hub or account list using the locations dropdown. The table is also fully searchable by profile name and ZIP code.

Editing Boost Settings Per Profile

After your initial ad account connection, each profile will be displayed with the default settings and potential reach based on those settings:

To edit the default boost setting, just click on the profile name in the location column. You’ll be able to enter multiple ZIP codes, add in a specific city or address, or update your target age, gender and connection preferences. The settings for each profile can only be reviewed in Boost Settings, so it’s a good idea to review this tab in detail before you begin boosting content.

Creating a New Boost

Hub admins and owners can boost manually scheduled posts directly from the hub database. Boost campaigns will be sent to Facebook and activated at the date and time the post is scheduled for.

Adding a Boost to New Content

Adding a Boost from the Hub Database

You can also add boosts to your content from the My Content tab of your hub database. Open a preview of the post by clicking the magnifying glass, click schedule and then repeat steps 5 through 8 from above.

Average Spend of Locations

Dividing the lifetime budget between your locations is a breeze with the average profile spend calculator. Based on the potential reach from boost settings, the average profile spend calculator will automatically allocate a portion of your lifetime budget to each profile.

In this example, the Laguna Beach profile has the highest potential reach and therefore gets the largest portion of the budget. Irvine, on the other hand, has the smallest portion of the budget because its potential reach is the lowest.

Common Questions

Are there any other targeting options available?

Not yet, but we plan to expand the targeting options in the future!

Can I change the spend per profile?

Currently, the average profile spend will do all of the work for you, though we do plan to offer additional spend settings down the road.

Can I edit my boosted post before it’s posted to Facebook?

If you need to edit a boost before it is scheduled for posting on Facebook, you’ll need to delete the post from your hub queue, edit any boost settings, then reschedule the post and boost from the hub database.

Can I delete my boosted post before it’s posted to Facebook?

Yes! Head over to your hub queue and click the x icon in the upper right-hand corner to delete the post and boost from all profile queues they are scheduled to.

Can I edit my boosted post once it’s been posted to Facebook?

Once your content is posted to Facebook and the boost is live, you won’t be able to edit the text or images. Instead, you’ll have to delete the post from your profile and reschedule it from Rallio.