Inbox 2.0 will give you the most streamlined experience possible as you monitor your social engagements, comments and messages via Rallio. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of the new features:

Activity Feed: It’s about context, people

Old inbox pulled in all your social engagements without any context, meaning you had to click over to Facebook (or whichever platform) to see the post, comment or message in question.

Inbox 2.0 will display the post or message for context and list the associated comments and replies below it, giving you greater context and control over each new engagement.

  • Unread Comments/Replies Number — Each post will display the number of unread comments and replies, so you can easily see any comments in need of attention — and see the number tick down to zero when you’re all done!
  • Directed to Unread Comments — Once a new comment or reply comes into a previously viewed string of comments, the new inbox will not only put the post back at the top of your inbox and alert you with the new engagement, but you also won’t be lost in comments looking for the new unread one — because the inbox will take you straight to it! 
  • Tagging — With Facebook and Instagram, comment replies will automatically tag the person you are replying to. The tag alerts the person of your reply, producing better engagement. And, if you don’t want the tag, simply backspace to remove it. Note: Facebook will enter an unusual number at the tag rather than their name, but don’t fret: It will show up correctly once you post it. 
  • Total Unread Posts — Not only will each post display the number of unread comments and replies, but the inbox header will display the total number of posts remaining with unseen engagement over the past 30 days. 

The CliffsNotes version

Inbox 2.0 will ensure you’re able to:

1. Easily see all engagement that comes through the inbox

2. Rapidly move through your inbox to see the most relevant content first

3. Keep track of your progress as you view inbox content

4. Always have context for any post/comment/reply/tweet pulled into the inbox

And if you really want to geek out ...

  • Posts will be pulled in with content attached as comments/replies, much as you would view a post on Facebook

  • Comments and replies will be color-coded so that unread items appear red and turn blue once a post has no more unread content

  • Handy new “View Comments” button shows you comments and replies on a post, up to four at a time; “View More Comments” pulls in the next four comments 

  • “View Previous Comments” shows the four comments prior to the most recent comment
  • When you comment or reply to a comment, that comment will show up on the post immediately
  • You are now also able to delete a comment or reply by clicking the red X next to it 

Summary of the technical changes:

[ ] Top of page add Total Unread Count - past 30 days
[ ] Change to a post centric view. Posts come in with content attached as comments/replies instead of content coming in without context.
[ ] Added and Unread Count to each post. Starts with (XX unread) and decrements as comments/replies are read. This number starts as a red number, but turns to blue when a post has no more unread content.
[ ] Added View Comments button. Shows comments/replies on a post.
[ ] Added View More comments button. Comments come in 4 at a time, this pulls the next four comments.
[ ] Added View Previous Comments. If the most recent comment that shows is a comment in the middle of a post then we will also have to show previous comments. This shows the 4 prior to the one we pull in.
[ ] Added Replies Count/View Replies button to comments that have replies. This button shows how many replies a comment has. It will be red if their are unread replies on that comment. Once the replies are read this button will turn blue.
[ ] Added hide all comments. Closes the comments.
[ ] Added a feature where when you comment or reply to a comment that comment should show up on the post immideatly.
[ ] For twitter we have a view thread button instead of view comments. This is because of differences in how twitter functions. Basically the idea is to give you some context for the tweet when you view the thread. If there is no context to show we currently show a no context page.