Why is my boost unavailable? 

If you are unable to boost a post from your Page, it may be due to one or more of the following:

Missing information or pending items required for your Page:

  • No payout information: set up a valid payment method and then boost your post.
  • Unpublished Page: publish your Business Page and then boost your post.
  • Insufficient permissions (you need to be an admin): reach out to an admin on the Page and request that they update your Page role to either an admin, advertiser, moderator, or editor and then boost your post.
  • Closed ad account: reactivate a closed ad account by going to your Ads Manager, then click Reactivate at the top of the Page and follow the steps. Then boost your post.
  • Flagged ad account: an ad account flagged for unusual activity cannot boost any posts. To check the status of your account, go to your Ads Manager.
  • Disabled shared login: Another admin on the account likely upgraded to Business Manager. Either add your personal profile as an admin to your Business Page or contact an admins you shared the login with and have that person who transitioned the account send you an invitation to join Business Manager.

Expired or older content on your Page:

  • Job post: if your job post is expired or unapproved, create a job post and boost it once it has been approved.
  • Offer: if your offer is expired, create a new offer and then boost it.
  • Event: if your Event has already occurred (it happened on a previous date), create a new Event and then boost it.
  • Old posts: posts published before June 21, 2012 cannot be boosted. Make a new post and then boost it.
  • Old cover photo: an old cover photo (not the current cover photo displayed) cannot be boosted. Upload a new cover photo and then boost it.

Unsupported post types: 

The following post types are examples of posts that cannot be boosted on your Page, as they are not supported by our ad buying system:

  • Profile picture
  • Albums (note: the last story of an album can be boosted)
  • Live and scheduled live videos
  • Mobile app install posts
  • Notes or posts containing a link to a Note
  • Drafts 

To view a full list of retired ad formats,  check out this article

Learn more about boosting posts on your Page. Keep in mind that all boosted posts must adhere to Facebook's Advertising Policies. If your post doesn't meet any of the guidelines, your boost won't be approved.