The Outbox in Rallio is just like any other outbox: It holds outgoing activity. Whether the interaction came from your Rallio account or was posted directly to the social network, your Outbox will contain a comprehensive listing of all outgoing interactions for the connected social profiles. Let’s take a quick look at the Outbox.


  • Filtering the Outbox
  • Post Performance
  • Deleting Published Content
  • Profile Admins: Reuse Top-Performing Posts

Filtering the Outbox

In the Outbox, there are several filtering options available. These allow you to really drill down when looking for specific post details.


View relevant activity based on a specific date or date range.


The Platform filter will display activity that happens on the chosen social network (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Reply Type

Sorting by Engagement type will allow you to view a certain category of interaction. This makes it really easy to look at outgoing messages, comments, likes or posts if you want to focus on a particular area.


If you’re a Hub Owner or Admin, the Outbox will default to show all activity coming in for all of your profile’s social platforms. To look at certain locations lists or child hubs, use the Location filter.

Post Performance

Curious how many likes a post received or how many times your content was retweeted? From the Outbox, you’ll be able to track basic post engagement metrics such as favorites, retweets, likes, comments, clicks and shares.

Deleting Published Content

As a Profile Admin or a Hub Admin/Owner, you can delete content published to Facebook and Twitter directly from the Outbox. Just click delete in the upper right-hand corner of the post to remove it from the corresponding profile.

Profile Admins: Reuse Top-Performing Posts

At the Profile level, either as a Profile Admin or a Hub Admin/Owner, you’ll also be able to re-post your content directly from the Outbox feed.

The post will open in the Create Post window, where you can update the content and schedule it for posting.