To add an advertising account to your Business Manager:

  1. Open your Business Manager Settings.
  2. Under the People and Assets tab, click on “Ad Accounts”
  3. On the right side of the page, select “Add New Ad Accounts”
  4. Choose one of the 3 options: “Claim Ad Account”, “Request Access to an Ad Account” or “Create a New Ad Account”
  5. If you choose to request access or claim an ad account, enter the ad account ID. (Learn where to find the account ID)

Before you can start advertising, you’ll need to give Facebook additional account information and enter your credit card data.

As you might imagine, Facebook won’t let you start spending unless you’ve entered a valid payment method and shared some business information.

Navigate your Business Manager menu to find “Ad Account Settings” and click.

Fill in all the blanks by entering your company’s name, address, and other relevant information.

You can enter your billing information under the “Payments” tab by clicking on “Add Payment Method.”

If you’re a business in the EU, you’ll also be prompted to insert your VAT number. Facebook will also allow you to choose your billing currency and your timezone. Be extremely careful with this information as you won’t be able to change it once you’ve created your account.

After you’ve filled in your ad account information, hit the “Save Changes” button and move on to the “Billing & Payment Methods” page.

Next we need to setup billing

To do that, you’ll need to navigate to the “Billing & Payment Methods” in the Business Manager menu.

You will land on the Billing page where you can:

  • Add new payment methods
  • Edit your current payment methods
  • Set your account’s spending limit

To add a new payment method:

  • Click on the green “Add Payment Method” button
  • Choose the method you want to add
  • Fill in your information
  • Click on “Continue”

Facebook accepts multiple payment options, including credit cards and PayPal payments.

If you need additional help, here’s Facebook’s guide that explains how your ad billing and payments work.

Tip: Add multiple payment options

As you start advertising more and more, we suggest that you also add a secondary payment method. This way, should your primary card expire, reach the monthly limit, or be blocked for whatever reason, your advertising won’t stop being delivered to potential customers.

If your primary card billing fails, all of your campaigns will be immediately paused until you pay the outstanding balance. You’ll also have to manually restart them one by one. This is a tedious task if you’re running several campaigns. If you have a secondary payment method set up, Facebook will begin billing your secondary method and everything will keep working smoothly.

Editing Your Payment Options

If you want to make changes to your Facebook advertising payments, you can do it on the same page by clicking on “Edit Payment Methods.”

If you have entered multiple payment options, you can choose which one’s primary.

Note that you cannot delete your primary source, so you’ll need to make another option your primary source before removing your current primary payment method.

How and when are you billed?

You can expect a bill from Facebook on two occasions:

  • At the end of every month
  • When you reach your billing threshold (if you use direct debit to pay for Facebook ads)

The billing threshold means that your primary payment method will be charged every time you reach a certain billing threshold. The sum of the threshold varies based on your billing history.

This threshold will be pretty low when you first start advertising (usually $25), and you’ll be billed every time you spend $25 in Facebook Ads. As you keep spending and your payments are correctly processed, your threshold will be automatically increased to $50, $250, $500, and finally, $750.

These thresholds don’t have any direct impact on your advertising campaigns; they just affect how often you’ll be charged. The big advantage of having a high threshold is that you’ll have to deal with fewer invoices. If you want to change your threshold or have problems with billing, you can contact Facebook support.

Setting up the account spending limit

If you want to rest assured that your ad campaigns won’t exceed your monthly advertising budgets, you can cap your Facebook ad account spend.

This is also useful when working with agencies, whenever you want to be sure your consultant/agency won’t be able to spend more than you’ve planned.

Setting the limit is very simple. Just click the “Set Account Spending Limit” and set the amount.

Don’t set it too low or you’ll have to update it very often. Remember that each time the limit is reached, all of your accounts will be paused for at least 15 minutes.