Often when content is created, it seems to fall into an abyss of past posts that are difficult to find and measure. With Rallio, every post that you create can be saved to the Profile database, making it easy to search for, edit, schedule and even reuse content.

Saved Posts

View and manage your social media posts from Saved Posts, or your local content library. This section of the profile database houses each post package and post data such as post IDs, approval status and tags. Profile admins can preview content, search by tag or post text, and manage database contents.

Previewing Posts

To preview a post, find the post using the search or filter and click the magnifying glass. The post preview window will contain:

  • Sections for each social network so you can see how the post was optimized
  • Post details such as approval status, creation date, tags and comments from your managing Hub admins
  • Basic options to schedule, edit or delete a post

Other Database Features

*NEW* Database 2.0 now shows your brand images + videos as a grid from oldest at the bottom, to newest at the top just as Instagram does. Along with a new face lift, we've also added some cool new features to Rallio's Database. 

'Images + Videos' Tab Updates:

You can now find both Brand and Local images under the 'Images' Tab; and both Brand and Local Videos under 'Videos' tab. You can filter between Brand and Local images/videos by clicking the drop down here:

  • Use - Clicking the arrow button on the bottom left of the image will take you straight to create a new post with this image.

  • Edit - Clicking the edit button below your image gives you the option to create/edit the name of your image, add tags to organize your content in Rallio, create/edit a description of your image and easily decide whether you'd like this image available for use by all users or only by admin users.

  • Deleting Images/Videos - The edit button also allows you to easily delete images/videos from your database by clicking the delete button at the bottom of the edit screen.

*Pro tip: Make sure to save the post as available to admins only prior to deleting it from your library. If this step is skipped, the Image will only be deleted from your Hub’s library and will remain in all child hubs and profiles that you manage.

  • Download Image - Clicking the 'Download Image' button allows you to download the image to your computer.

  • *NEW* Download Release - Clicking the 'Download Release' button allows you to view the Release Form signed by the client in the image.

  • Uses - You can keep track of how many times an image has been used. The number of uses can be found at the bottom left of each image and video. 

Have questions? We're here to help! Reach out to support@rallio.com anytime.