With our new Leaderboard feature, you now have access to some exciting analytics on those asset uploads. Click over to the trophy tab on your Rallio dashboard, and you’ll be able to view:

  • The number of assets submitted by employees

  • Engagement from assets (comments, likes, shares)

  • Advocacy posts from employees posting brand-approved content on their own pages

  • Total “score” with an overall brand ranking based on the above factors

  • For multi-unit owners, you will also be able to stack-rank your locations in these categories

With these numbers, you have the ability to see, at a glance, where your locations or employees rank brand-wide. You can get your entire team involved with promoting your business — even choose to incentivize the employee advocacy program so that employees feel inspired to spread the word about your business.

Ranking Target

  • Location- The Location Target ranks each location by tallying up each end location user's points and creating a total score to see where they stand amongst the brand as a whole within the ranking metric you choose:

  • Employee- The Employee Ranking Target ranks each employee by tallying up each individual user's points to see where each employee stands within the brand as a whole within the ranking metric you choose.

Ranking Metric

You'll be able to track where each employee/location ranks with the following metrics:

  • Assets Submitted- Total number of videos and pictures submitted by each user/location.

  • Engagement From Assets- Total number of engagements (comments, likes, shares) on assets posted by each user/location.

  • (*)Advocacy Posts- Total number of shares to user's personal social sites. Click here for more information on Advocacy Posts.

  • Total Score- Total number of points accrued during desired date range.

Date Range

You can filter the Leaderboard Metrics by Month-To-Date, Last Month, Year-To-Date and All-Time.

(*) - Don't have this feature? Reach out to support@rallio.com to find out why!

Common Questions

How many points do I get per ranking metric? (Assets Submitted, Engagement From Assets, Advocacy Posts)

For each Advocacy Post shared the user will be awarded 15 pts. For everything else, the user will be awarded 1 pt each.