When you give Rallio permission to manage your Facebook page, it does several important things:

  • It gives Rallio the ability to publish to your page 
  • It enables Rallio to pull in analytics from your page
  • It allows Rallio to retrieve reviews, comments and messages from your page so you can respond to them via Rallio

When you connect your Facebook page in Rallio for the first time, you'll be walked through a few key steps, outlined below.

1. After clicking Connect Now next to Facebook in your Social Profiles tab, Rallio will prompt you to enter your personal Facebook password. 

* You'll want to sign in to Facebook with the account that has full admin rights to manage the Facebook business page you're connecting to Rallio.

2. Click the blue Continue as button at the bottom right of the Facebook pop-up.

3. If you manage more than one page, you will be asked to select which pages you want to use with Rallio. If you arrive at the screen below, make sure to click on the Select All box next to the All Pages option and choose Next. DO NOT select individual locations. This step is mandatory for Rallio to be able to manage your pages properly and ensure all locations stay connected.

4. Next, Facebook will ask what Rallio is allowed to do. Click YES next to each action and click Done

* If YES is not selected next to each option, Rallio will not work properly.

5. Facebook will confirm that you've successfully given Rallio permission to manage your Page. Click OK to proceed.

6. Finally, Rallio will display all Facebook pages your credentials have admin access to. Please select the appropriate Page and click Ready to Go!

VOILA! You've successfully connected a Facebook page to Rallio! 

Have any questions? Did something go amiss in the setup process? Reach out to support@rallio.com.