You may have noticed some changes recently when responding to direct messages coming from Facebook. This article explains these changes and how Rallio is here to help.

What’s changed?

Facebook is pressuring businesses to respond within 24 hours to consumers who directly message their pages. All third-party platforms (like Rallio) now only have the ability to respond to Facebook DMs if the response is sent within 24 hours. Once the 24-hour period has passed, Rallio users will need to link to the message and respond directly through Facebook.

Why is Facebook doing this?

Facebook has data from hundreds of thousands of businesses proving that business pages that respond within 24 hours of receiving a direct message have better business outcomes on their platform. Since so many businesses use a third-party platform like Rallio to manage their social pages, they can easily incentivize business owners to respond quickly with this change.

How will Rallio help me make sure I respond within 24 hours?

Rallio users will receive a push notification to their phones and a reminder email from Rallio when Facebook users DM their page. If you already get too many emails, don’t worry — you’ll be able to turn those emails off. 

What if I don’t respond to my direct message within 24 hours?

You can still respond through Facebook! After the 24-hour window has passed, the Rallio response text box will be grayed out and the system will prompt you to respond directly through Facebook.

I’m on the Rallio Local program and my Social Strategist handles my direct message responses for me. Does this affect me?

This change does not affect you. Your Social Strategist will still respond to your direct messages within 24 business hours. Nice! Want to learn more about the Rallio Local program? Email

This stresses me out. Anything else you can do to help me?

Of course there is! Facebook has automated responses that we’re happy to set up for you. Just give us a shout at and we’ll help you get your auto-responses configured.