Having trouble connecting your Instagram Business Account to Rallio? You’re not alone! 

Facebook Support has not provided an ETA for when this bug will be fixed. Currently, the only solution is to switch Your Business Instagram profile back to personal and then to a business profile again.

Please note that this process will cause the loss of previous Instagram insights (reach, impressions, saves, etc). If you’d like to have access to this data, please record your insights data before following the steps below.

Follow the steps below exactly, or you could run into some issues while connecting.

  1. Before you switch the Instagram account back to a personal account, please make sure Instagram is connected to a Facebook Page. If it’s not connected to a Facebook Page, please do the following which must be completed from a desktop:

  • Log out from any Instagram sessions that you’re connected to in your browser

  • Go to the Facebook Page > Page Settings > Instagram

  • Click “Connect Account”

Enter your Instagram login credentials

2. Switch the Instagram profile to personal (follow the steps below exactly)

  • Go to the Instagram Account in the Mobile App

  • Settings > Account > Switch to personal account

You now have a personal Instagram account

2. Now that we have a personal account, you’ll need to switch the account back to business account manually from the Facebook Page. You can do this by going to the Facebook Page > Page Settings > Instagram. (Please note: You will need to have an Admin role on this Facebook Page.)

Press Get Started in front of Switch to a Business Profile > (a new window will open) Click Continue > Change or remove any information you don't want to be visible on Instagram. (You can change this at any time in Settings)

Your Instagram business account should now be successfully connected! If you’re still receiving an error message, please follow the steps again and reach out to us at support@rallio.com