We know how important it is to protect the privacy of your customers, which is why we included a Model Release Form in our mobile app. When taking pictures of an individual in the Rallio Mobile App, you’re able to receive a written consent to share the image right on your phone!




  • Customizing the Model Release Form 

  • Adding the Release to an Image

  • Downloading the Release Form



Customizing the Model Release Form

As a default, Rallio has included generic legal text for the Model Release Form. If you have your own version, you’re able to add that instead.


Head over to the Settings tab and click on Release Form.



Enter your custom text and click Save.


Adding the Release Form to an Image

Now that you know how to add your custom text, we’ll show you where the updated text is within the Rallio Mobile App. 


Open the Rallio Mobile App and click the Camera Icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Choose Library if you would like to upload an image you’ve already taken or Camera if you’d like to take the photo in the app.



Click Add Release to see the custom model release form and add a name and signature to the form.



At the top, you will be able to scroll through the model release text.



Have the signee enter their name and complete their signature.



If there are multiple individuals in the image, click Add Another Name to add multiple signatures. Once you’ve added all necessary signatures, click Done.



Once you’ve added the signatures, you’ll see Release Complete. If you’re ready to submit the image, click Save Image and your image will be saved in your database with the release attached (accessible via the Rallio desktop app).

Downloading the Model Release Form

So you’ve added the signatures to your image, now where did they go? The Model Release Form is digitally attached to the image within the Rallio desktop app. Here’s how to access it:


Go to your Rallio desktop app, click on the Content tab, and choose Media.


Hover over the image you’d like to download the release form for and 

click the download release  icon.


Voila! Your release has been downloaded to your device.