With the Employee Advocacy feature, you can now have access to analytics on those Employee Media Asset uploads. Click over to the ‘Employee Advocacy’ and ‘Overview’ tabs on your Rallio dashboard, and you’ll be able to view:

  • Your total amount of advocates

  • Your amount of active & inactive advocates

  • The number of video & media assets submitted by employees

  • The total amount of video & media assets used, unused, and published

Total Advocates: Shows the total number of Employees you have sent an invite to enroll in your Advocacy program. 

Active: Shows the total number of Employees who have enrolled in the advocacy program after they received the invite.

Inactive: Shows the total number of Employees who have been sent an invitation to enroll, but have not.


Media Assets will give you a quick overview of the total amount of Image & Video Assets submitted by your Employee Advocates. 

Image/Video Assets: Show the total number of Images or Videos uploaded by Employees.


Used: Shows the total number of Image Assets that have already been used in posts.

Unused: Shows the total number of Images Assets from employees that have not yet been used in posts.


You will also be able to see an overview of your Total, Used, and Published posts.

Total Posts: Shows the total amount of posts created for this location by all Employee Advocates

Used Posts: Show you the scheduled posts, that are yet to be published

Published: The total amount of published posts for this location

You will also be able to filter by date range, and see the most recent posts below: