To help you stay up to date, Rallio sends out email notifications informing you of the latest activity happening in your account, including:



  • Social profile disconnections

  • New reviews

  • Approval status on any content sent to corporate for review

  • Content reminders for when your queue is running low or empty

  • Failed Facebook Boosts

Notifications can be managed within your Rallio account. To customize the alerts you receive by star-rating, click on your User Profile and select Notification Settings from the menu.


SMS notifications: this feature will send the user SMS notifications when the assets for your location falls below expected counts, so that you can upload assets for the strategist to use when they create local content for social media.

Receive Email Notifications: this feature will send you all notifications for the locations you have access to, such as content approval emails, disconnection notifications, and review notifications.

Review notifications: By checking the options below, you will receive reviews with those ratings. To receive all reviews, turn on all the ratings.

To only receive certain rating levels, turn off the ratings you don't wish to receive.

Facebook no longer uses star ratings. They now use “Recommend” or “Does Not Recommend”. Select notifications for Facebook Recommendations below.

*You can also choose to have monthly reports sent to you as well.

After you’ve changed your notification preferences, be sure to click the blue ‘Save’ or ‘Save All” button to enable these changes.