Reviews from your customers can provide valuable insight for your business. Replying to reviews is a wonderful way to learn from your customers and build their trust. If you’ve connected your business profile for Facebook, Google or Yelp, you can easily monitor for new reviews and quickly respond in the Reviews tab of your activity feed.



  • Filtering Reviews

  • Replying to Facebook and Google Reviews

  • Replying to Yelp and Google Reviews

  • Exporting Review Data as a Hub Admin/Owner

  • Common Questions


Filtering Reviews

In the Reviews tab, filters give you a much more flexible approach to accessing specific review data. There are five filters available to Rallio users:



View relevant activity based on a specific date or date range.





Want to only look at Yelp reviews? Use this filter to review posts by platform: Facebook, Google, or Yelp.


Star Rating

Arrange activity by the review’s star rating or recommendation (Facebook only).



Interaction Type

Show reviews based on interaction. Select Only Replied To from the dropdown to see activity that’s been marked complete, or Only Not Replied To for reviews that still need attention.



Sort by "opened" or "closed" reviews. "Closed" reviews are those that have been resolved, whereas "open" reviews may still have an outstanding issue that needs to be addressed.



Replying to Facebook and Google Reviews

The process for responding to reviews will vary slightly depending on the social platform on which the review was left. For Facebook and Google reviews, you’ll be able to respond to your customers from the Reviews tab. 


Note: If you do not see an option to reply to your Google Reviews, you'll need to upgrade your Google connections from your profile settings.


Replying to Yelp Reviews

For Yelp reviews, the response process is slightly different. Due to limitations imposed by Yelp, you’ll have to respond to reviews on their platform directly. Never fear! We’ve made this process quick and painless with the use of the Link icon:

Pro Tip: If your support team is working together to respond to reviews, this final step is important! Save your team time and ensure you’re marking reviews as complete each time you send out a response.


Common Questions

Will I get alerted to new reviews?

Yes! All Rallio users can receive email alerts for new reviews. You can learn more about Rallio notifications here.


Should I respond to negative reviews?

Yes, as a best practice we’d recommend responding to both positive and negative reviews as professionally and factually as possible.


A fabricated review was left on my profile. Can I have the review removed?

It depends on the platform that the review was left on. Review sites generally don’t let business owners or managers remove reviews, though in some instances you can report activity to the review site. GoogleYelp and Facebook all have reporting resources available in their help documentation.