With the rise of imagery in social media, sharing awesome visuals speaks volumes about your business and helps you stand out in a sea of content. To help you leverage the power of visual social media, you’ll be able to upload images and videos, as well as have access to approved graphics directly.




  • Understanding & Uploading Media

  • Using Photos in Content

  • Downloading Brand Photos

  • Filtering Content


Understanding & Uploading Media

Accessible through the Content tab, Media houses any images/videos that have been provided to you by your managing Hub admins, have been uploaded directly to the platform, or have been taken in the Rallio App. As a Location Admin, you can search your files, use photos/videos in posts and download them directly to your desktop.

To upload an image, drag & drop your files into the platform or choose Browse. Once you select an image on your desktop and choose Open, choose Add. If you’d like to add more than one image, hold the command button while clicking on all the images, then choose Open and Add.

From here, you can change the image name, add a watermark, or edit the image.

If you choose Edit, you will be shown the following various options to edit your image: 


Allows you to edit the image size manually or with specific image sizes.


Gives you multiple filters to put on your image.


Allows you to edit the image quality such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and more.


Allows you to focus and blur specific parts of your image.


Gives you the ability to add a frame to your image.


Gives you multiple overlays to put on your image.


Allows you to add text to your image.

Text Design

Allows you to choose from various designs for your text.


Gives you the ability to add a watermark to your image.


Allows you to draw on your image.

Once you’ve added your specific edits, click Save. If you’d like to edit the tags or internal notes, edit below the image and choose Save All.

Using Media in Content

To use an image/video in a new post, locate the image or video in Media and click Use. The image will open in the Create Post window, where you can add text and schedule the post.



Downloading Images & Videos

To download an image or video to your desktop, locate the image in Media, and click Download.


Filtering Content

This feature allows you to filter all your content, so you can locate what you’re looking for quicker!

Type allows you to choose to show only Images or Videos.

Source allows you to see content syndicated from the Brand level, a location level, or both.

Usage shows you which Images/Videos you have already used, and which ones you haven’t, or “All”.

Model Release Form allows you to view content with a signed Model Release Form, without one, or “All”.