Often when content is created, it seems to fall into an abyss of past posts that are difficult to find and measure. With Rallio, every post that you create can be saved to “Posts”, making it easy to search for, edit, schedule and even reuse content.



  • Managing Your Posts

  • Filtering Posts

  • Previewing Posts



Managing Your Posts

You will be able to see how many posts you have that are Ready or Drafts. Location admins can preview content, search by tag or post text, manage post contents, and schedule posts.

Filtering Posts

Find your posts easily by using the filters provided!

  • You can filter by Date Range

  • Platform allows you to filter which posts are intended for the chosen platform

  • Status allows you to filter posts that are ready to post, drafts, or any rejected posts.

  • Post Type allows you to filter and view posts that are links, images, or just the copy (caption).


Previewing Posts

This section houses each post’s package and post data such as post IDs, approval status, and tags. To preview a post, find the post using the search or filter, hover over the image and click View



The post preview window will contain the Package ID, as well as post details like approval status, creation date, tags, and internal notes. You can also delete the post from your database or edit/schedule the post.