The Social tab under Analytics provides a snapshot of your locations’ social profile analytics which can help you measure performance across your connected social media profiles. You’ll be able to keep track of how each social platform is performing in terms of follower growth, post engagement and published posts. Let’s dive in and explore the basic functions of Social Analytics.


Measuring Social Media Performance


In this tab, you’ll find a few different metrics, each meant to provide different insights into your overall performance on social media. For each metric, the analytics are designed to track the total, the change over the specified date range (delta), and compare your data to your brand averages. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Followers is about your social media audience and how many people are fans of or following your local profiles.

  • Post Engagement looks at the amount of times your posts were engaged with. For example: How many engagements did my stores’ posts receive last month?

  • Published posts gives you the total number of posts published to your social media profiles.

  • Brand Average takes the average of a specific metric across the entire brand so you can see how you should be performing.

  • Ranking is determined by comparing your locations’ metrics and ranks you from highest to lowest.

To see analytics for a specific date or date range, just change the start and end dates using the date picker at the top of the screen.

You can also break it down by specific platform.

The graph will chart your follower growth, post engagement, and published posts throughout the specified date range. You can hover over the data points to get a snapshot of the analytics for that day. 


Finally, the bottom will show the breakdown of the totals by platform.