Ready to start engaging with your customers through social media? As a Rallio Location Admin, you can create and post content directly from your Rallio dashboard. From sharing a relevant blog post to announcing a sale or celebrating a milestone for your business, your post can be about anything you’d like to share with your customers.



  • Creating a New Post

  • Scheduling Content

  • Editing or Deleting Scheduled Posts

  • Common Questions


Creating a New Post

In the Creator tab under Content, you’ll be able to create and customize content for posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.



1. Click into the main text box and type or paste in your post content, including any links you'd like to share.


2. Add more detail to your post with the following options:

  • Tags: To add a tag, click the Tag  icon.Tags can be applied to posts to help you organize your content in the profile database. 

  • Photo: To add a photo, click the Images  icon. You can post as many images as you'd like to Facebook, one image to Instagram, up to four upload images on Twitter. Select files directly from your desktop or browse your photo library.

  • Video: To add a video, click the Video icon and you will be greeted with an upload menu. From here you can choose to upload your own video or choose from your video library

  • Coupon: To add a coupon to your post, click the Coupon  iconAdd a coupon or create a new one. 


  • Link: To add a Link to your post, click the Link  icon. Insert the desired link into the popup.


  • Boost: To add a Facebook boost, click the Boost  icon. Confirm your boost settings.

  • Employee Advocates: To make the post available to Employee Advocates to post to their personal social pages, check the box for Employee Advocates.

  • Lock Post: To make the post uneditable, check the box for Lock Post.


3. Confirm which social networks you'd like to post to by clicking each icon and choosing “Add content from” or “Add new content”.




4. Save as a Draft or Ready if you will not be immediately scheduling or posting this content.

If you save as a draft, it will show up in your Posts tab with this icon:  

If you save as ready, it will show up in your posts tab with this icon: 



Scheduling Content

As you are creating content, you’ll be able to schedule new posts from the Create Post window and any saved posts from your content library.


Scheduling New Content

After you’ve crafted your new post, you’ll have the following options:


If your profile is part of a Hub structure, you’ll have either full scheduling abilities or the option to Send for Approval, depending on the posting permissions selected by your Hub admins.


Scheduling Saved Content

You’ll also be able to schedule any saved content directly from your Posts tab under Content.

  1. Head over to your Posts 

  2. Locate your post using the search and/or filter

  3. Click the Schedule Post icon

  4. Confirm post content then select Post Now or Schedule Post


If your Hub admins require approval of your content prior to posting, you will not be able to schedule or post content until the post has been approved.



Editing or Deleting Scheduled Posts

Scheduled posts can be edited anytime before the set delivery date and time. Locate your post in the Calendar, click Edit, edit your caption or images/videos, then click Save.



To edit the scheduled date and time, click Edit Schedule, update the date and time, and click Ok to save.



You can also delete content from the Calendar prior to the set delivery date and time. Find the post in your Calendar, then click the Remove to delete it from your calendar.


Deleting content in the Calendar will prevent it from being posted, but a copy of the post will remain in Posts.




Common Questions

Can I tag a page with Rallio?

By using the @ function in the content box, you can tag business pages on Rallio. You cannot tag individual users.


Can I customize images for my link previews?

Link preview images are pulled directly from the link provided. We don’t currently support link preview changes but hope to provide more options in the future!