Whether you're a new user (welcome aboard!) or you just created a shiny new profile on a platform you weren't using yet (congrats!), you'll need your social pages connected in Rallio to get things rolling.




  • Connecting a Social Network

  • Revoking Access to a Social Network

  • Common Questions



Connecting a Social Network

Social network connection happens at the Location level. If you’re a Hub Admin or Owner, you’ll need to drop down into the location profile you’d like to update. Then, head over to Settings → Social Profiles.

From the social profiles tab, you'll see an area that displays your Profile connection options. To connect Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp or Google My Business, simply select Connect Now and Rallio will walk you through the process!

A few things to note:

  • When connecting in profiles, the respective platforms will ask for varying permissions. All permissions must be accepted or the connection will not complete.

  • If you do not see the page you wish to connect to, verify that you are using the correct account and/or that you have admin privileges on the page. To connect Yelp, search or paste your profile URL into the applicable field and click Connect.

Revoking Access to a Social Network

For any platform, click Disconnect to revoke Rallio’s access to the connected page.


Common Questions

Every once in a while, I receive a notification to reconnect my LinkedIn profile. What gives?

LinkedIn requires that all third party applications re-verify their credentials every 45 days, which will cause a disconnection of the Rallio service. The good news is this is a super easy fix! Upon logging in you will see a notification informing you of the disconnection. Click the reconnect button and voila! The tool will take you where you need to go to log in. Once that's finished, you're good to go!


Why was my Facebook or Instagram disconnected?